About Us

Founded in 2019, Hyperbaric Health Services – Palatka is comprised of professionals with a combined 60 years of experience in hyperbaric medicine, hyperbaric chamber operations, emergency medicine and wound care.

The mission of Hyperbaric Health Services – Palatka (HHSP) is to provide an environment conducive to diagnosis and treatment using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and advanced wound care modalities, as well as to educate and provide support for patients, families, and their caregivers. HHSP service is comprehensive, innovative, compassionate, cost-effective and focused on continuous improvement.

We have strategically located our medical center in central north east Florida to serve patients from Palatka, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Gainesville and surrounding areas.

S. Mitchell Hall

Hyperbaric Specialist, Program Director, Safety Director

S. Mitchell Hall, CHS Board Certified Hyperbaric Specialist, has 21 years of program management experience and 10 years of hyperbaric studies, direct patient care and hyperbaric facility management.  “Mitch” is a Hyperbaric Medicine Instructor certified by the International Board of Undersea Medicine.  Diving and Hyperbarics are his passion.

John C. Milanick, MD

Hyperbaric Physician Medical Director

John C. Milanick, MD, is a University of Pennsylvania & Yale University graduate. A 35 year physician with a passion for positive patient outcomes, Dr. Milanick brings extensive Emergency Medical & Biochemical Engineering expertise to the healing program.

Shaniya Robinson

Hyperbaric Specialist, Advanced Hyperbaric Chamber Technician

Shaniya Robinson, AHT is a Hyperbaric Specialist and Diver Medical Tech at our facility. She is a Board Certified Advanced Hyperbaric Technician. Shaniya is a 3 year Licensed Nurse, extremely knowledgeable in the safe and efficient operation of hyperbaric chambers and she prides herself on excellent patient care.

Leiane Boudreau

Hyperbaric Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Leiane Boudreau, APRN is a 38 year veteran Advanced Practicing Registered Nurse. Leiane brings extensive experience in emergency room and advanced wound care management.


Radio Interview with Covid Long Haul Patient, Beth
Mitch Hall, Facility Administrator, and Hyperbaric Patient, Beth Roberts, talk about Beth’ s treatment of Covid Long Haul symptoms with radio host Kevin Geddings of St Augustine-based radio station WSOS 103.9 Classic Hits & Local Info. Focus is on post-COVID symptoms treated with Hyperbarics.


Mitch Hall, Facility Administrator, talks Hyperbarics with radio host Kevin Geddings of St Augustine-based radio station WSOS 103.9 Classic Hits & Local Info. Focus is on Conditions often treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.